1. We feed our rabbits 1/2 cup per day of Bluebonnet Feeds Ultimate Rabbit Nutrition.  You will need to gradually change your new rabbits diet over to your feed of choice.  Sometimes a sudden change can cause stress on a rabbits digestive system. Can give small amounts of old fashion oatmeal mixed in their pellets. Apples, Carrots & Sweet Potatoes can be given once a week for a treat. NEVER give your rabbit grapes, raisins, radishes, oranges or other high acid fruits or vegetables. No cabbage or lettuce. Must have hay to maintain a health digestive system. Timothy hay is best!

2. Always make sure your rabbit has lots of fresh drinking water everyday.  

3. Give your rabbit something to chew on.  Rabbits teeth grow continuously and need something to help wear them down.

General Care

1. Use only PINE chip bedding in tray. Do NOT use ceder bedding. The fumes can harm your rabbit

2. You should clean your rabbits cage 1-2 times a week or as needed. A clean environment will keep parasites from infecting your rabbit.

3. Wash water bottles with bleach at least once a month.  

4. Trim your rabbit's nails frequently.  This will keep them from scratching you and possible hanging a toe in their cage.

5. Your rabbit should be in his or her own cage. They will fight each other if housed together. 

6. Do Not keep your rabbit in the direct sunlight.  Direct Sun  can damage their fur, cause your rabbit to suffer a heat stroke, and cause death.

      *signs a rabbit is getting to hot include: Wet fur around/or on top of nose, panting or heavy breathing.  If your rabbit shows signs of heat stroke cool it off with            an ice bottle, put ice in your rabbits drinking water, or bring it indoors.  Ice bottles in your rabbit's cage is a great way to keep them cool in the summer                    months.

How to Properly Cary Your Rabbit

Lift it carefully from underneath and support its weight by holding it under its's rump with the other hand. Bring it to your chest. It is a good idea to hold with both hands to prevent a fall. When carrying your rabbit around tuck the rabbit's head into your arm between your elbow and side.

Have Fun With Your Rabbit! 

Do not be afraid to hold and play with your new rabbit. Have fun and call with any questions!

Having a new pet and not being sure how to care for it can turn into a scary thing.  Here are some T Sha` Care tips to get you started.  

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