T SHA's London

Jr Doe TB 26

Sire: Quietcreek's Koa

Dame: T Sha's Paris

DOB: 8/4/16

T SHA's Maggie 

SR Doe TB1

Sire: Quietcreek's Koa

Dame: Ceezee's Lincoln

DOB: 2/10/16

T Sha's Zoe

SR Doe TC5

Sire: PWF Comanche

Dame: SH's RQ

DOB: 1/15/15

K & A's  Jupiter

SR Doe K516

Sire: K & A Hiccup

Dame: K & A Denali

DOB: 2/26/15

T SHA's TB 24

SR Buck TB24

Sire: H439 Koa

Dame: K&A Jupiter

​DOB: 6/30/16

T SHA's Skylar 

SR Doe TB18

Sire: PWF Comanche

Dame: Tiger Lilly

DOB: 6/30/16

T SHA's Paris 

SR Doe TA31

Sire: Quietcreek's Koa

Dame: K & A Jupiter

DOB: 11/15/15

All Pet Rabbits are sold without pedigrees.  I try very hard to keep our site updated. However, feel free to contact us with your wish rabbit as we tend to always have babies in the rabbitry or on their way!

For Sale

T SHA's Sittingbull

Sr Buck TA32

Sire: SH's Anderson

Dame: SH's Kelly

DOB: 11/15/15

PWF Ophelia 

SR Doe S374

Sire: PWF Kenworth

Dame: Sherri's Bonsai

DOB: 7/24/13

T SHA's TB22

SR Buck TA22

Sire: PWF Comanche

Dame: T SHA's Tiger Lilly

​DOB: 6/30/16

K & A's Dahila 

SR Doe KA127

Sire: Quietcreek's Motley

Dame: Cross Creek's CCS

DOB: 11/5/13

T SHA's Crazyeyes 

SR Doe TA20

Sire: PWF Comanche

Dame: PWF Makko

DOB: 8/11/15

T SHA's Macie 

SR Doe TB15

Sire: T Sha's Alexander

Dame: K & A Laki

DOB: 5/13/16

Quietcreek's Koa H439

Sr. Buck

Sire: Quietcreek's  Brazorian

Dame: Ceezee's Winkler

​DOB: 2/24/14

Beloved Holland Lops

 T Sha` Rabbitry 

T SHA's Alexander 

SR Buck TA25

Sire: H439 Koa

Dame: K&A K474 Laki

​DOB: 12/6/15


SR ​Buck 

Sire: SH's Anderson

Dame: SH's TT "Trish"

DOB: 2/9/16