Beloved Holland Lops

 T Sha` Rabbitry 

Purchasing Guidelines

1. We exercise the right of refusal or can terminate a sales arrangement at anytime during the sales process if we determine it necessary.

2. We will NOT sale a rabbit less than 8 weeks old. Please do not ask.

3. We will not sale a rabbit for a "holiday" gift.  We feel our rabbits should not be purchased on a whim. They are a life commitment and a true joy to own and raise.

4. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold any rabbit(s) and all money MUST be received before the rabbit(s) leave our possession.

5. All rabbit(s) are guaranteed free of disease at the time of sale.

6. We hold no responsibility for the rabbit(s) health after they leave our possession.

7. Pet quality rabbits will not be given a pedigree.

8. All Rabbit(s) will hold the "prefix" T before their name/ear number on all pedigrees.

9. Accept cash only.

10. All sales are final once transaction is completed.  No cash refund will be available, but we may choose to replace the rabbit with another rabbit of equal value ( as determined by T Sha` Rabbitry). However, any replacement request must be made within 36 hours of sale and will not be due to owner's neglect.

11. We will not ship rabbits.  They must be picked up from us, or we will deliver at show with prior arrangement.